A Floral Workshop


A Floral Workshop

Last month, one of our very own talented designers, Kitty Feagler, participated in a three-day workshop put on by Sentient Floral- a collaboration between Siloh Floral and Park Floral.  

The class not only allowed Kitty to expand on her own skills, but it was a great opportunity to work with some of Colorado’s finest floral designers. We fell in love with all of the stunning creations made over the 3 days,  from centerpieces, to bouquets, and even a floral installation. 

Kitty gathered a wealth of information,and inspiration to share with all of us here at, Tend.

We couldn’t wait to show you the beautiful photos of the pieces Kitty designed. Take a peek!

















Campo de' Fiori


Campo de' Fiori

If you are looking for a unique way to display all of your plants we love Campo de' Fiori terra-cotta pots. Campo de' Fiori directly translates to “Field of Flowers” and in this case, inspired from a piazza in Rome. Not only are theses planters beautiful, they are unique in many ways. Each terra-cotta pot is individually hand-crafted and is covered in the beautiful, green trademark moss.

We love how each pot takes you to another land and translates your home into a gorgeous garden. The best part, the more you water your plants the more vibrant you can expect the moss to grow and make the pot more distinguished. 

The terra-cotta pots come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can work both indoors and outdoors. We love the elegance of the pie crust, poppy, artichoke, pine cone and echeveria planters. 


Creating a Succulent Garden


Creating a Succulent Garden

For those of you who don’t have a terribly green thumb, don’t despair. Succulents are a perfect way to incorporate plants into your home, and best of all, they are sturdy and easy to keep alive! You've likely seen that there are so many ways to display these cool little plants. Don’t know where to begin? Follow along below, and create your very own beautiful succulent garden. 


What You’ll Need:

  • Succulents of varying sizes
  • A container of any shape and size
  • Pebbles/Gravel
  • Succulent Soil




Step One:

Start by filling your container with gravel or little pebbles. Succulents need some sort of drainage, so the roots don’t stay waterlogged and rot. 





Step Two:

After you have a decent layer of gravel down, add a layer of soil on top. Be sure to buy soil that is meant for cactus/succulents.






Step Three:

Place your succulents however you feel looks best. We like to have one large focal succulent with some longer ones that can drape over the side.





Step Four:

Lastly, fill pebbles in around your succulents for the finishing touch.






Final Product:

You did it! Make sure to not over water your plants. It is okay for them to dry out between waterings. 



Springtime Has Arrived!


Springtime Has Arrived!

Springtime has arrived! Outside the trees are blossoming and flowers are beginning to bloom, which also means that Easter is right around the corner. Your home can look just as vibrant and lush as it does outside your window—the options are endless. We have some tips and items to help you bring Easter into your home this season.


  • Perhaps the easiest way to brighten your space is through a springtime flower arrangement or plant. We just love pink hydrangeas mixed with bright green ivy, or the beautiful hellebores plant. Accentuate their beauty by placing them in a basket or another unique planter.


  • Adorable bunny rabbit cocktail napkins are the perfect pairing for mimosas or mouth-watering hors d'oeuvres.


  • We love the idea of dressing up your dining room table with hand-crafted placemats and elegant candelabras.


  • It is Easter after all, so you can’t go wrong by incorporating cute little rabbit statues into your home. They look great in your home’s entryway, or even as part of a table centerpiece. 


The best part about these gorgeous items is that they can be used not just for Easter, but for the length of the springtime season. The key is to get creative. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and textures. Stop by and stock up on some super cute Easter essentials.