For those of you who don’t have a terribly green thumb, don’t despair. Succulents are a perfect way to incorporate plants into your home, and best of all, they are sturdy and easy to keep alive! You've likely seen that there are so many ways to display these cool little plants. Don’t know where to begin? Follow along below, and create your very own beautiful succulent garden. 


What You’ll Need:

  • Succulents of varying sizes
  • A container of any shape and size
  • Pebbles/Gravel
  • Succulent Soil




Step One:

Start by filling your container with gravel or little pebbles. Succulents need some sort of drainage, so the roots don’t stay waterlogged and rot. 





Step Two:

After you have a decent layer of gravel down, add a layer of soil on top. Be sure to buy soil that is meant for cactus/succulents.






Step Three:

Place your succulents however you feel looks best. We like to have one large focal succulent with some longer ones that can drape over the side.





Step Four:

Lastly, fill pebbles in around your succulents for the finishing touch.






Final Product:

You did it! Make sure to not over water your plants. It is okay for them to dry out between waterings.